Art Bell’s Strange “Classified Classified” Caller

It was supposed to be just another open lines night for the well-known talk show host, Art Bell, as he began another episode of his new show, “Midnight in the Desert” on the Dark Matter Radio Network. But things took a strange turn that Friday, July 31st, reminiscent of his older days hosting Coast to Coast AM. An anonymous caller masking his voice and identifying himself on Skype as “Classified Classified” came in just minutes before the end of the program.

Here is the transcript of the brief call that night…


ART BELL (AB): Somebody called “Classified Classified” has tempted me to answer. That’s an interesting, plus there’s a big picture of the grey on this guy’s, person’s, Skype. So “Classified Classified,” hello.

CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED (CC): Mr. Bell, can you hear me?

AB: I can.

CC: I have to keep this very brief so I’ll get to the point.

AB: Please.

CC: (deep breath) I was involved with an organization that acted to classify NSA servers, top-secret…

AB: Seriously?

CC: …it was compartmented… Can you hear me?

AB: Yeah, seriously you…you’ve…

CC: Yeah, and NSA monitors Skype so I have to keep this quick.

AB: I know they do. Okay.

CC: I came across partial documents which contained what appeared to be evidence of the United States government in compliance with extraterrestrials using genetically modified foods, locally known as GMO. The goal was to experiment with modifying human DNA cell…extraterrestrials…and human immune systems don’t attack each other upon contact. This is to facilitate their cross-breeding agenda.

AB: Oh my God.

CC: These extraterrestrials are trying to stop organic food movement because they want everyone to eat these GMOs. That is what it appeared. This could be just disinformation. This could be real, but that’s what it showed when we got into their servers. The U.S. government’s using high frequency active aural research program (HAARP) to cause the devastating drought on the west coast so they can bankrupt and buy out the organic farms to keep prices high. I have to go right now. Goodbye. Have a great show.

AB: Wow. Um. Well. I’m going to say that’s unusual and we might hear from him again. Or we might never hear from him again. No idea who that was. Just called himself “Classified Classified” and I hope we hear from him again, frankly.


Listen to the actual call here.

What I find interesting about this particular call is that in the beginning Art seems to be unsure if it’s a crank or not. His initial response to the caller’s persona could suggest that. When the caller asks if Art can hear him, Art responds with an “I…can” in such a way that appears to be imitating or even mocking the caller’s use of a synthesized voice changer.

However, later on in the very brief conversation it appears that Art could now be second-guessing his own presumptions based on his reaction to the caller’s startling revelations. And who could blame him? If what the caller is reporting to be true, it might confirm what various abduction researchers have been saying all along in their regression of abductees. That concept being genetic manipulation on some level. This call just takes it to another level. I know this stuff sounds so bizarre and X-Files-ish, but could the “Classified Classified” call be real to some degree?

Of course, there is no hard evidence to back up the theory in this instance, so take it for what it’s worth just like the Area 51 caller from way back when that turned out to be a hoax. The call on Friday is just another shadowy, spooky caller who doesn’t go into much detail before he disappears back into the night. And we all know how anonymous witnesses should be treated in this field—very carefully and cautiously.

Anonymous whistleblowers are no strangers to Art Bell’s programs, but what I find particularly eerie about Friday night’s open lines is not this caller per se, but another strange incident from a caller named “Joy.” She called in at 11:11 PM PT (which Art made a note of) to discuss her strange sighting of a glowing green-yellowish light off the coast of Monterey Bay in California…


JOY: My paranormal experience goes back to I think about 1996.

ART BELL (AB): Mhhmm…

JOY: And I was having dinner with friends overlooking the Monterey Bay.

AB: Oh, that’s a beautiful place, yes.

JOY: Beautiful venue. It was approaching…it was twilight, but getting darker.

AB: Mhhmm…

JOY: And I was…

UNIDENTIFIED VOICE: …I’ll try it again.

JOY: …walking. Hello?

AB: Somebody said something about trying it again. I have no idea what that was. Anyway, continue.

JOY: Okay, I was walking outside after dinner, just walking along the poolside and looking out over the bay. And all of a sudden I saw this huge green light coming up from out of the bay.


Joy went on to discuss her bizarre event with what appeared to be a UFO or USO (underwater submerged object) that came up from the water and hovered over the Moss Landing power plant. Joy and her friends used one of those antique spyglasses to observe what looked like “long arms” going from one side of the light towards the power plant smoke stacks. Joy explained how it looked like it was “taking something from them.” After hovering in the air for 15-20 minutes, it just “winked out like an eyeball closing.”

Now what I find interesting about this report is not only the UFO/USO account itself, but the strange interference in the midst of the call. However, we must keep in mind that Art Bell is still getting used to the technology of fielding both Skype calls and phone calls on his radio program as he has admitted, so perhaps it was just a slight error on his part, unknowingly hitting a switch or something.

The unidentified voice certainly sounded like it was originating from Skype in its clarity and was obviously heard by both parties on the line. Could it have been nothing more than human error, or a precursor to the mysterious “Classified Classified” caller later that night? Whatever the case, these were two of the stranger events of the night that I think are at least worth noting in the broadcast as a great reminder of the classic nights of spooky “Dreamland” radio.

Welcome back Mr. Bell. We’re glad to have you keeping us awake and on our toes once again.