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World UFO Day

July 2nd is now known as “World UFO Day.”

This unofficial day of observance has certainly gained traction lately as UFOs or UAPs or whatever the heck we call them nowadays enjoys a resurgence in popularity.

Thanks to mainstream media finally taking the subject seriously, as well as government and military folks setting the stage to allow this to happen, the subject is no longer reserved for just new-age kooks who long for the day when they can “return home” once again.

World UFO Day has taken on a much different meaning now.

But what is the purpose of it and why July 2nd?

World UFO Day is essentially a day of awareness day for people to gather together to talk about the subject and perhaps even watch the skies for these anomalous crafts. The July 2nd date was chosen as a way to commemorate when the most famous UFO crash supposedly occurred—the Roswell UFO incident of 1947.

Now you have a little more context about World UFO Day and why it’s important.

(Thanks to Dr. Stephen Resta, organizer of the annual Mysteries of Space and Sky Conference for calling my attention to this.)

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