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Unsolved Mysteries is Back from the Dead

The popular show, “Unsolved Mysteries” is coming back to life after Netflix announced they are picking it up.

The original run from the late 80s through 90s is one that I have the utmost respect for, but never really got into. In fact, when it was on NBC at the time I actually avoided it. Probably because I was too young and probably because I was too freaked out as well.

My parents on the other hand used to love watching the show. And, on a handful of occasions they even let me sit in on the paranormal episodes. That is, until one specific episode ruined it for me…

The episode that haunted me was about this boy who heard ghostly voices coming through his radio. After watching that episode, I was afraid to listen to my own radio alone by myself at night. Though I cannot recall which episode of Unsolved Mysteries it was, nor what the rest of the episode was about exactly, all I can recall is just that specific part.

Or maybe this episode never took place and was merely a confabulation. (If you remember this episode though, please contact me!)

Since then I’ve become less fearful of ghostly voices and strange entities coming through electronic means—especially those involving EVP (electronic voice phenomena). But getting into that subject is best saved for another place and another time.

Stay tuned…

In the meantime, you can learn more about electronic voice phenomena and other strange beings picked up on the telephone in my new book, “The Spectrum,” available now on Amazon.

The Spectrum: Glimpses of the Paranormal and Encounters with the Strange

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