An illustration of a black triangle UFO flying over the treetops at night.

Black Triangle Sighting in Iowa

A report was sent to me of a large triangle or possibly diamond-shaped object, which was spotted recently in Iowa on January 25, 2019 at approximately 9:30 pm CT…

The witness and her mother were driving from Des Moines to Indianola on Highway 69 at the time when they saw a black, extremely large craft with “three porthole lights” on its bottom. The craft was approximately 500 feet above them gliding along slowly. The witness said that the craft even stopped or hovered at one point during the sighting.

As the witness pulled over in an attempt to document it, the craft went below the tree-line. To get a better visual, she pulled up to a clearing, but lost sight of it at that point.

It isn’t the first time this witness had an unusual sighting. I’ve interviewed her before and noted a long history of strange activity. She also has good reason to believe that the area where she lives is a hotbed of activity, specifically between Cedar Rapids to Des Moines.

An initial check of both the MUFON and NUFORC databases yielded no results in the past 90 days for that area nor any report similar in nature. So, that is why I’ve decided to share her encounter here in case you yourself have heard or seen anything similar. Or maybe you have had a completely different high strangeness experience in the same area. If so, please contact me.

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