Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers

In case you hadn’t heard, Jeremy Corbell is the new investigative filmmaker on the block with his latest film, Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers.

Regardless of what you think of the Bob Lazar story in general, this new documentary on him is certainly worth the watch. There’s no denying that Corbell is revisiting some of the most bizarre stories on the UFO landscape and presenting them to a new audience that may not be as familiar. If you haven’t seen Corbell’s film, Hunt for the Skinwalker you also need to add that to your playlist too.

But just like Hunt for the Skinwalker, it seems that people either love his latest film or hate it.

Bob Lazar holds up a magazine with his story in it.

Is there any new information on Bob Lazar?

Since Bob Lazar first came out with his account in 1989 he’s pretty much stuck with the same story. Testimony from those who know him also help to further validate his story. Yet, Lazar’s choice to blow the lid off the now not so secret installation (known as S-4 within the Area 51 complex) didn’t help his career or personal life in the least. As a result, Lazar pretty much went dark and we rarely, if ever hear from him.

That was until twenty-five years later, when he gave another public interview to reporter George Knapp—the original reporter he told his story to back in 1989.

Viewers of Corbell’s documentary say there is no new information, but actually there is. First off, we’re seeing Bob Lazar in his own environment, which is quite different from what we’re typically used to seeing him in, since he’s a very private individual. But here in this doc, we get to see Lazar at home, at work, interacting with friends. Plus, we get to see and hear from his family, which we’ve never heard from until now.

There is also a raid that occurred while filming for this documentary took place. Apparently, this isn’t new for Lazar (according to he and his wife, it was the second raid on his property), but it’s new for us, the viewers, who get to hear about it for the first time.

As far as new revelations go with the whole Bob Lazar story, there doesn’t appear to be anything like that, apart from Corbell validating Lazar’s claims regarding handprint security technology. This was something Lazar mentioned back in his original description of S-4, but only up until now was confirmed to him. We get the opportunity to share in Lazar’s amazement in having another piece of his story validated as it unfolds right there.

Bob Lazar sketches out the UFO he worked on at S-4 near Area 51.

People will always question Bob Lazar.

And, rightfully so. There is quite a bit of evidence to support his story and yet quite a bit of things to discredit it too.

The main reason why people seem to question Lazar’s story is because his educational credentials cannot be confirmed. Honestly, we can only speculate as to why this is. Either Lazar’s lying, embellishing his background, getting the facts mixed up (he seems to remember the most intricate details on certain things but not others), or the more sinister reason of all—that his records have been erased.

I hate to lean towards the more conspiratorial end, but the latter seems like it might be the more plausible. Turns out, not only is Lazar’s educational background missing, but his employment records and even his birth records too. It’s like they tried to erase his identity, which is a common thing to have done in the black ops, at least from what I hear.

Yet, Lazar’s name still showed up in a Los Alamos Laboratory phone book, not to mention a newspaper article that listed him as a scientist at the lab, long before all this Area 51 stuff came out.

Soon after he came out with his story, Lazar was arrested for involvement with a prostitution ring. This was also covered in the film. Knapp brings up a great point in that it would have been the perfect time for Lazar to come clean about his education and career. And yet, Lazar stuck to the same story, even if it could have jeopardized his freedom should the courts have been unable to find the evidence to support his claims—which was exactly what happened.

Is Bob Lazar who he says he is?

Or more importantly, are we to completely toss out his story simply because of his character?

Well, that’s for you to decide.

Just don’t dismiss this film in particular simply because of Corbell’s own style of filmmaking either. Sure, he may not have asked the same questions you would have asked Bob Lazar, but he got the man talking and that’s not an easy feat as George Knapp stressed in the beginning.

Not to mention that Corbell’s got the whole UFO world talking again about some very important topics overall that would otherwise continue to be cloaked in legend and lore. Just like Bob Lazar, until now.

Bob Lazar and Jeremy Corbell have a conversation.

The iTunes Extras version has plenty of bonus content.

Like Hunt for the Skinwalker, there are multiple versions of Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers available. But what separates the standard version from the extended one?

Here is what’s on the iTunes Extras version…

  • Deleted Scene: George Knapp reveals additional details about the Lazar case and how it transformed public understanding of Area 51 and flying saucers (5 mins)
  • Deleted Scene: interview with Carlos and Amanda, two of Lazar’s close friends (4 mins)
  • Deleted Scene: a glimpse into the daily life of Lazar and one of his employees at United Nuclear (7 mins)
  • Deleted Scene: interview with Pat Travis, the owner of the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, Nevada (5 mins)
  • Deleted Scene: Lazar talks about an image of fireflies that has stuck with him since childhood (3 mins)
  • Extended Scene: interview with Lazar’s wife (3 mins)
  • Extended Scene: interview with Lazar’s mother (8 mins)
  • Bonus Scene: see Lazar’s tri-powered jet bike in action (3 mins)
  • Bonus Scene: see Lazar’s powerful laser “ray gun” pointed at Corbell (2 mins)
  • Bonus Scene: an interview with Lazar’s neighbor (3 mins)
  • Bonus Scene: watch Lazar and Corbell launch fireworks (3 mins)
  • Bonus Footage: Knapp breaks down the basics of the Lazar story and Corbell reveals a new side of Lazar (18 mins)
  • Bonus Footage: an hour long presentation by Jeremy Corbell (which can also be found here).

The bonus content is certainly worth watching. If anything, it provides additional insight into how Lazar thinks and acts, as seen through the eyes of those who know him best.

Sketch of UFO that Bob Lazar claims to have worked on at S-4 near Area 51.

What I thought overall…

Bob Lazar: Area 51 & Flying Saucers is well done. Sure, it’s not as earth-shattering as when Lazar first revealed this stuff to the public. But it’s good to hear the story being talked about again, especially today. There are lots of people who aren’t as familiar with the Lazar story, especially the younger generation or those just beginning their journey into ufology.

Corbell may not appeal to everyone out there with his unapologetic, brash style, but you still have to give him credit. He’s bringing these topics back to the forefront and sharing it with a whole new audience. The audience of today will be responsible for whether this subject lives on or dies with the older generation of UFO seekers.

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