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The Enfield Poltergeist and the Warrens

I’ve always been fascinated by the Enfield poltergeist, which Ed and Lorraine Warren briefly investigated, as popularized in The Conjuring 2. But coming across any of their work on the case proves rather challenging. That was until I came across this video filmed on August 1, 2013. It comes courtesy of Tony Spera, who has taken charge of sharing the Warren legacy.

If you’re already familiar with the Enfield case, you probably know that Maurice Grosse and Guy Lyon Playfair were the chief investigators that did most of the legwork on it. Much of Grosse and Playfair’s research is accessible and reveals some equally fascinating, albeit disturbing, evidence.

Yet, there are things that Lorraine Warren and John Kenyhercz reveal in their conversation with Spera that I hadn’t heard about. Here are some of the key takeaways from it…

In August of 1979, Ed Warren, John Kenyhercz, and a few others made stops at some of the more famous haunted locales throughout England. One of those stops was Enfield, where they decided to spend a night with the Hodgson family. (The Hodgson’s were at the heart of the Enfield case.) John’s task was to interview the family while Ed did religious provocation.

Nothing much occurred on the first night they stayed there, but things ramped up the following morning. In the video above, some of what John shared could seem to challenge the idea that the Hodgson kids merely played pranks on the investigators or hoaxed the entire thing.

For example, John claimed that they would hear guttural, disembodied, Cockney voices that seemed to just “come out of nowhere” from some of the rooms. Sometimes those voices would even take on various entities and carry on conversations like they knew each other.

Objects moving on their own and lights dimming at the Hodgson house also took place. It’s a thing that should come as no surprise to the seasoned investigator. However, other things like piles of feces that apport out of thin air or watching wallpaper rip off the walls are not quite as commonplace. Yet, all of these things and more took place right in front of John’s eyes as he talked about it in his interview with Spera.

When they left the house the activity also seemed to followed them…

John recalled a time when they were in the car with the Hodgson kids, and one of the disembodied voices made itself known to an older woman in an obscene tone as they drove by her. When they arrived at a nearby restaurant, food flew around the dining table as if an unseen force was controlling it, much to the amazement of nearby patrons.

Later in the video interview, John goes into some detail about his experiences with Ed Warren at Borley Rectory, considered one of the premiere paranormal hotspots in Essex. John mentioned that just before various phenomena occur, one either hears a whistle or dogs barking.

I wonder if other similar “warnings” could be taking place at other haunted places too.

On a related note to the Enfield case, I also found this slideshow presentation from Ed Warren where he talks about his time with the Hodgson family and even plays audio from it. Thanks again to Tony Spera for getting this info out to the world and allowing us to see these pieces of paranormal history.

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