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Going to the Source of the Strangeness

Recently, I did an interview for the API Case Files Podcast with its host, Marsha Barnhart. In the interview, we talk about my research into the Men in Black and other areas of high strangeness, which I chronicle in my book “The Spectrum.”

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Marsha was someone I initially contacted about a 2008-09 case that she investigated for the Aerial Phenomena Investigations (API) team. Even though it’s a multifaceted case, it’s probably best known for containing surveillance footage of two purported Men in Black (MIB) entering a hotel lobby in search of the manager at the heart of the case.

The clip showing these MIB caught on camera went viral soon after both Coast to Coast AM and BuzzFeed picked up on API’s case report.

Men in Black in hotel lobby.
May 10, 2009: Still frame of a hotel lobby security camera showing two Men in Black (MIB).

The exposure was beneficial for calling attention to the MIB phenomenon as a whole, yet it also resulted in a lot of inaccurate information too. Part of why I wanted to get to the bottom of this particular case was to separate fact from fiction, as well as help Marsha set the record straight.

Marsha interviewed each one of the primary witnesses along with the hotel manager in 2009. When I inquired in 2017, she graciously shared those findings with me and helped arrange a meeting between myself and that hotel manager. I had the opportunity to do a follow-up of my own and discovered that there was a lot more to this story—even long before the MIB ever entered the picture.

While researching high strangeness, go straight to the source of the info in order to get the most accurate info.

We live in an era where information is literally at our fingertips, but we must still be careful what we read, watch, or hear. Just because it lives on the internet doesn’t mean it’s necessarily true. We see this in the so-called fake news stories that are prevalent everywhere.

For investigators of the UFO phenomenon, this is nothing new. We’ve always had to deal with fake news in one capacity or another. We just usually label it as something else most of the time—disinformation.

The point here is to always do your own research and find out for yourself what is going on. If you come across a particular case of interest, reach out to the people involved and connect with them. Collaborate to share data, ideas, and theories. As a result, we could uncover something far stranger than any one of us might ever dare to anticipate on our own.

For the full story into these Men in Black caught on camera along with other case reports, check out my new book, “The Spectrum,” now available on Amazon.

The Spectrum: Glimpses of the Paranormal and Encounters with the Strange

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