Alien Hybrids Hidden Under Baghdad University?

I want to share with you a harrowing account involving possible human-alien hybrids located underneath a university in Baghdad, Iraq in 2003. I think this event is important because there could be other Marines out there who can corroborate or verify it.

A call to the January 8, 2016 “Midnight in the Desert” radio program was put in by the mother of a Marine who had been a part of either a reconnaissance or retrieval mission regarding these hybrid containers. In the caller’s voice, it was quite apparent that she was nervous relaying the story. I would post the audio itself for you to hear, but copyright issues from Rowland Network prevent me from doing so.

So, I’ve transcribed the call instead…


HEATHER WADE (HW): So we have another caller here. Welcome to the program. (silence) Hello? Hello? You’re on the air.

Caller (CL): Hello?

HW: Yes, hi.

CL: Hi. Hi. How are you? Umm, my son told me something that has just really haunted me for years. He was a Marine…

HW: And what is your name, please?

CL: I don’t want to give a name. Would that be alright?

HW: That’s alright. I respect that.

CL: He was a Marine. And involved in the war, at the beginning, in 2003.

HW: The Gulf War?

CL:In Iraq. Marines were the first to go in and therefore the first to get to Baghdad. And he said that…when they got there, there was a university there. There were catacombs below the university. And they went in there and he said, “Mom, there were all kinds of containers with clearly half-human, half-alien…um, um…fetuses or whatever.” And they were told—you weren’t here, you never saw this and not to speak of this, etc. etc. Then he said, they were collected and they were taken. And he told us this back in 2003. And then we fast forward to the last year. A friend of his called me because he had gone to visit her. He spent the night at her house and he was sleeping in her living room. And she said in the middle of the night she woke up and he was on the floor crouched sitting next to her bed. She got out of bed and she said, “Hey, what’s up?” She said he was super frightened. And he told her this exact same story. I had never spoken to her about that before. She and I had never communicated about that before, and here all these years had gone by and he told her the same event. Only he went further and said, “They did something to us that caused us to forget.” And that part really disturbs me. And as a mom has bothered me for many, many years.

HW: Sure, you’re wondering what in the world did they do to your son?

CL: I don’t know how to help my son. She said that he told her that he thinks if he remembers that it was some kind of a gas. And so I’m just wondering if there are any other Marines out there that remember this that would be willing to talk about it…

HW: Right. Because I remember a lot of mystery going on, and a lot of controversy that went on about the Gulf War Syndrome, and it made me wonder if there was something behind that that we didn’t know.

CL: Yeah, I think that this is all once again the tip of the iceberg. We don’t know, we were told we were there for one reason and very likely it was for another. When I hear you speak about—gosh, I just want to know. Can we just get some damn truth, you know? I feel the same way, but as the mother of a brave, brave young person…

HW: Who probably didn’t scare very easily being a Marine.

CL: And now he is like, a claustrophobic person, never was. I mean it radically changed him…

HW: I can tell that it changed you, because I can hear your voice shake when you’re telling me this. And I appreciate that you would be brave enough to call and tell it.

CL: This is not something that you can like, you know, go to the Veterans’ Administration and say, “Hey, would you please help my son?”

HW: Right, right. He saw human-alien hybrids stored in an underground facility—in…what did you say? Baghdad?

CL: Yes. He said it was under a university in Baghdad.

HW: You tried no less than seventeen times to get thru to tell me this story. And I want to thank you for continuing to try. I am never going to forget that.

CL: I’m just wondering if there’s just somebody else out there, that’s all I’m saying.

HW: Well, that we’ll ask…everybody is listening and I hope that we get more stories to corroborate his. Because I’m sure, you know, just like everybody who has stories like this, you’d think, “God, this is going to sound so crazy,” but here you are telling it. I want to thank you for trying over and over again to get through to tell that. That really is going to stick in my mind forever. I appreciate the call very much and she didn’t want to give her name. So let’s just thank her for being brave to make that call. Wow.


Do you or someone you know have any additional information to verify this report? Or maybe you are aware of some other event similar in nature to this one? If so, I encourage you to contact me in the hopes that we might be able to put the pieces of this puzzle together and honor those brave enough to speak up about it.