The haunted house that Lawrence Miller lived in.

Escaping Demonic Infestation

The newest season of the Terra Signals podcast is here! In this first episode, “Escaping Demonic Infestation,” I talk with a haunting survivor about the lingering effects of an intense experience on him and his family.

It is a story that I first wrote about in my book, The Spectrum, in a chapter titled “Becoming Scared and Becoming Scarred.” That story seemed to terrify readers the most from the feedback I received. But hearing first-hand from such a witness takes it to a new level of realism.

For those unfamiliar with the case, here is a quick synopsis…

After taking a promising job offer in South Carolina, Lawrence Miller (a pseudonym) relocated his family from Texas in the spring of 2008. But things in the new house took a turn for the worse after unusual occurrences quickly escalated into full-blown sightings of demonic creatures that tormented Lawrence and his ex-wife daily. After a life-threatening encounter and two and a half years of never-ending torture, the Millers finally fled, but not without leaving Lawrence to endure the lasting psychological effects (including diagnosed PTSD) from the incident.

Now, how did I first hear about this gentleman? Well, it all started with the very site you’re on now. Here’s the back story.

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Escaping Demonic Infestation. An interview with a haunting survivor. Listen to the conversation on Terra Signals.