Early Testimony is Key in Paranormal Reporting

The ability of the human mind to recollect events can be a powerful tool. It is also an inevitably faulty tool. This is why it’s critical for the investigator of high strangeness to acquire and document eyewitness testimony early on. The witness (and even the investigator) can become easily influenced by internal and external forces that alter the initial observation over time.

An example of this can be found in the varied descriptions of the infamous Mothman of Point Pleasant, WV from 1966-67.

Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman brings up a valid point when we look at how the appearance of the Mothman seems to have evolved over time. Especially as the public began to alter its visual depictions of the Mothman.

Illustration of the Mothman from some of the first eyewitnesses, Roger and Linda Scarberry from Nov. 14, 1966.
The Mothman monument in Point Pleasant, WV.

But whether the Mothman ever had a distinct human form is hotly debated between Coleman and investigator John Frick. And they might both be correct in their perspectives if we are to also consider the possibility that the entities, which transcend time and space in the overall experience might not have a definitive form at all.

Perhaps it is nothing more than a perception issue, as the entity or creature takes on the form of whatever notion the observer expects to see. The image could draw from either a source rooted in our conscious or subconscious of what we already know about the experience. Or it could be even wilder than that. Perhaps there is a sort of cloud database that exists somewhere in the ether, which the human mind invariably downloads based upon thousands of millennia of perceptions, and that is what we see.

I have often wondered if what we’re seeing is nothing more than what it appears to project itself as. Just think of the wildly differing reports in the UFO occupants over the decades. Today, we have the stereotypical gray being, but we also have robotic creatures, paper-thin stick beings, illuminated light beings, dark shadow beings, blonde Nordic-looking humanoids, reptilian, praying mantis, military officials, alien-human hybrids, and even Bigfoot all present during the UFO experience just to name a few.

So, is this a perception issue or something more? I explore some of these angles in my new book, “The Spectrum,” now available at Amazon, Google Play, and Kobo.

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