Figure holding a lantern with Milky Way galaxy in background.

The “Stranges” of Valiant Thor

“Are you Strange?”

Frank rolls his eyes and replies, “Here we go again. No, it’s Strang-es.

Prior to seeing Dr. Frank E. Stranges deliver a presentation (courtesy of this Roku channel, from what I believe was 1991) I really didn’t know much about him. The only thing I knew of Dr. Stranges (not to be confused with Dr. Strange) was his 1967 book, “Stranger at the Pentagon.”

In that book, Stranges outlined his very own personal encounters with a human-looking, extraterrestrial (a Venusian to be exact) named Valiant Thor. He was, and possibly still is, walking among us and supposedly within the halls of government, too.

Valiant Thor, or Val Thor, as he’s also known as, has been referenced a few times, along with his supposed siblings who are more notably from the Howard Menger contactee case from High Bridge, NJ in the late 1950s. Below is one of the photos taken of that meeting by August C. Roberts.

Val Thor in the foreground, along with his siblings, Donn and Jill seated next to him. Or so the story goes.

Yet as far as modern-day sightings of Val Thor go, those are few and far in between, if at all.

Now keep in mind, all this was coming off of the craze of the contactee movement, which seemed to be everywhere, especially at a time where it seemed like everyone unusual or seemingly out of place was labeled as some sort of Venusian, even if they really weren’t. (See Dolores Barrios for example).

Now is the whole Valiant Thor saga proof of an actual extraterrestrial among humanity? I guess it all depends on what you believe…or what the presenter believes.

From the first twenty minutes of seeing that presentation delivered by Frank Stranges, I was absolutely captivated. How had I overlooked this guy? Apparently, he was not only a bold figure in ufology but an extremely charming one at that.

Here is a quick overview of Frank Stranges, courtesy of Nick Redfern.

Stranges talked about various angles in ufology and usually from a Christian-centered perspective since he had a formal background and training in that from what I understand. But perhaps his meeting with Val Thor is what he’s best known for in regards to the UFO community. Without getting into the whole story here, Stranges apparently received the opportunity to actually meet with Val Thor on a few occasions and those interactions changed his life and his outlook on this phenomenon forever.

But does Valiant Thor still exist today or could he be just one big valiant hoax? Some have suggested the latter and I surely wouldn’t discount it. Yet like a lot of these stories out there in the UFO mythos, there doesn’t seem to be enough evidence to prove it…yet, not enough evidence to completely disprove it either.

To make matters even more confusing, I’ve heard that Valiant Thor isn’t even the visitor’s real name either but just a moniker that was given at that time to fit in with the times. Well, if that’s the case and Val Thor still exists, does he go by something else today? Is he even still out there roaming about in modern times at all?

I thought perhaps he drifted away with the times until I came across this interesting testimonial from Michael Mirdad on his experience with both Frank Stranges and Val Thor sometime in the 1990s. It is quite a fascinating and earnest account that he delivers that is worth consideration. Yet, apart from Mirdad’s experience, there’s not much else I could find about Val Thor from recent times.

That being said, I’m certainly open to any information you may have on the topic. Nevertheless, Stranges’ account and the whole Val Thor saga has certainly intrigued me. Perhaps, you or someone you know of has had a direct encounter with Val, or one of his Venusian siblings, Jill or Donn.

If you have, please drop me a line and let the strangeness or strange-ess begin…

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