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The Peter Khoury Alien Abduction Case

The Peter Khoury alien abduction case is one that was recently called to my attention by Michael Brown, host of The Bunker podcast. It follows some of those classic patterns in alien abductions that most outside of the field aren’t aware of. Things like instruments used on the back of the head to cause abductees to blackout. Or, hooded figures during some of the visits. Or, telepathic communication between entities and abductees. Or, bystanders in the immediate area that are “switched off.” Or, perhaps the more disturbing sexual nature of these encounters themselves. But there are other things in this case that aren’t so common, like DNA evidence which could help to add credibility to it. Either way, I think you will find this one both fascinating and creepy. –Justin

Peter Khoury
Peter Khoury

Peter Khoury, strange beings, abduction, and the evidence they left behind.

By Michael Brown
Contributor to Normal Paranormal

Peter Khoury was born in Iran in 1964 and began having strange experiences in the early 1970s in Lebanon. While playing with cousins and friends he had his first encounter; at least the first one he can remember.

The children were playing outside when they decided to ascend to a rooftop they often played on. The exterior door to the roof was a large heavy metal door that was spring-loaded and would close on each person passing through the door. Frequenting this area to play, the children habitually knew to be ready to push open the door to pass through it but on this occasion, Peter noticed something different.

He noticed several children ahead of him who passed through the door without it swinging back. The door instead, remained open which struck him as odd. As he passed through the door, however, matters became even stranger. Peter then noticed his friends and cousins were all frozen in place and not moving a muscle. His first thought was since he was the last to make it to the rooftop that he was the butt of a joke. He decided to return the favor and began tickling his friends to force them to snap out of their self-imposed stasis. No matter how vigorously he tickled and teased his friends they remained in place, not even moving their eyes.

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Peter approached an older boy who was taller than him and began tickling him under the neck. As he looked up to see this boy’s neck, he saw in the air above them an egg-shaped craft about the size of a VW Bug. The craft was silver in color and hovered silently above them with no signs of wings, props, or propulsion of any kind. On the craft, Peter also saw a screen that was tinted with two tall and slim figures visible behind the screen who seemed to be piloting the craft. He noticed the figures looking at each other and then back to the rooftop several times. The craft then began to move back forth over the rooftop, still making no sound while all of Peter’s friends and family remained frozen.

The next thing that Peter knew, they were all then on the ground floor once again with the sounds of their parents frantically calling their names in the distance. The children were all at this point unfrozen and back to normal, but all confused as to what had taken place or how they all were suddenly on the ground. Peter was the only one that saw the craft and so he kept this story to himself for many years for fear of being labeled crazy or making things up.

The frantic parents found the children and were at once relieved, angry, and as confused as the children. Peter and his friends experienced a split second from their location on the roof to the ground, but the parents accused the children of lying when questioned about where they had been since the children were all missing for a period of two hours.

“You would have heard us calling you if you had been on that roof,” the parents scolded. The children were grounded for not coming clean about where they had been, which also helped to keep Peter’s version of the story secret. Who would believe this story from a child?

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A History of Experiences

Peter and his family emigrated to Australia where he still lives today. But his experiences followed him down under.

In 1988 he was dating his high school sweetheart, Vivian. They were alone at night while discussing a trip to Queensland they were going to make when Peter saw a bright white object about baseball-sized which was high in the sky. The object stopped on a dime in line with the northern star of the Southern Cross constellation. He grabbed a bunch of paper and rolled it up to look through to get a better focus on the object. He and Vivian saw the object shoot out a beam of solid light and then appear in two places at once but then disappear from the first location and appear on the opposite end of the beam. The light did this several times rapidly while they watched.

Peter sensed the orb of light was searching for something. Then the object shot up rapidly into the atmosphere and was out of sight. Peter couldn’t help but think about his childhood experience, but states that at this time he was totally unaware of the UFO phenomena and how many others were affected by it.

Six months later, Peter was living with his family once again after being on his own for several years. He was watching tv with his father in the living room of their home while his brother slept in Peter’s bedroom. It was 11:15 pm when Peter’s brother came into the living room and requested Peter watch TV in his room so his brother could sleep in the living room. Peter thought it was odd but obliged and went into his bedroom. Peter sat on his bed, reached over to turn on the TV, and then reclined on his bed stretching his arms behind his head to relax. The instant his head hit the pillow it happened.

Peter felt something grip his right ankle which he thought was a thumb and index finger or perhaps some kind of clamp or device. The instant he felt the grip, he felt pins and needles up his leg and throughout his body. It was then Peter realized he was totally paralyzed. He could not move or call out to his family. The only part of his body he could move was his eyes. He was filled with anxiety at the thought of being totally helpless and unable to move or call out for help.

He looked to the foot of his bed to see what had grabbed him, and what he saw filled him with terror.

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Peter observed a short figure wearing a cloak with the hood pulled over its head. The creature had dark blue skin and black eyes. The face of the creature looked ape or gorilla-like. At this moment Peter felt that he was in the presence of evil and that he was in great danger. He then looked to his right and saw two more of these figures. The gravity of the moment hit him, he was outnumbered and could not move, and he believed these beings were there to do him harm. But then he saw movement to the left side of the bed.

To his left, he saw two more figures in his room, but these were much taller and thinner than the others. Years later upon seeing the cover of Whitley Strieber’s book, Communion, Peter was stunned at how similar that being looked to these two figures in his bedroom. He is not sure how, but he perceived one being male and the other female.

Each wore a surgical type mask, but the “male” figure had his mask hanging under his chin. He locked eyes with one of the taller beings and was instantly calmed. Just a moment earlier Peter was in a full panic but was immediately calmed by looking into the black eyes of this strange figure. He was then communicated telepathically and was told that everything would be ok; he would not be harmed and not worry since it would be like last time.

“Like last time? What last time?” Peter thought. The male figure then held up a device in three fingers that looked like a long syringe with a fiber optic light coming from the end. The being pointed the object at a spot on the back of Peter’s head. He then blacked out.

Peter awoke abruptly and shot out of his bed to a standing position; his pent-up desire to move suddenly exploding. He went straight to the living room where his brother and father were still sleeping. Did the beings also visit them? He began shaking his father to wake him but was unable to. After several minutes he became fearful thinking his father might be dead.

He turned to his brother and began shaking him and calling his name but only after several hard slaps to the face did his brother awake. His brother then stated that he felt, “switched off.” Peter asked his brother how long he had been in his bedroom to which he answered about ten or fifteen minutes. This answer put Peter at ease as he also felt this was the case. But they then realized that the tv had ceased broadcasting for the night, which meant it was closer to 3:00 o’clock in the morning.

Where did the additional two hours go? Had Peter been taken somewhere? Is this what happened last time? The brothers worked together to eventually wake their father who also had no knowledge of what happened to them.

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Lingering Effects

After this encounter had taken place, Peter and his family then thought of other strange events that happened recently. On several occasions Peter and others in the family heard what sounded like many footsteps, loudly marching up to their driveway. Peter and his brother would hear the footsteps, each looking to the driveway from separate vantage points, and see nothing.

The day after Peter’s encounter with the beings in his room, he found a strange burn mark on his shin. He described the mark to his wife as a cigarette burn, but when he showed her hours later the mark had almost entirely healed. Vivian did find a small spot of dried blood on the back of Peter’s head where the being touched him with the strange device. Vivian suggested Peter go see a doctor for a check-up just to be safe, which he did.

Peter came clean to the doctor and told her everything that had happened. Peter had been seeing this doctor for about ten years and so trusted her with this information. When Peter told her the tale, however, she laughed at him as if this were the funniest thing she had ever heard. As a result, Peter never went back to this doctor again, but then began looking into psychologists and counselors or anyone that would be able to help him deal with his ongoing encounters. Over and over, he found that as soon as he mentioned feeling and seeing presences in his room, everyone he spoke to refused to help him.

Finally, Peter found a counselor in Sydney who had heard of others experiencing this same phenomenon and heard it was connected to UFO sightings. This shocked Peter as he was not interested in the UFO phenomena and never thought to make that connection to his encounters, but this motivated Peter to go on a quest to attend every support group and read every UFO-themed book he could get his hands on. But Peter’s most disturbing encounter was yet to come.

Creepy blonde haired woman with large wide eyes.
An illustration of the blonde being that Khoury encountered.

The Two Female Beings

In 1992 Peter was badly injured while foiling an attempted robbery of a construction site he worked at. He was nearly killed in the exchange and so took an extended leave of absence from work. One morning while driving his wife to the train station for work, he found that the further he traveled from home the more violently ill he became.

On a drive that normally took two to three minutes, Peter pulled over the car to vomit approximately ten times. Once he dropped his wife off and made for home Peter noticed that the closer he got to home the sickness seemed to wane. Once home he was exhausted from getting ill, so he went straight to bed and pulled the covers over his head.

After several minutes Peter then felt the bed sag as if someone sat on it. He pulled the covers from his head and began to sit up expecting to see a cat or dog on the bed that followed him into the house. A neighborhood pet was not what he saw. Sitting on his bed were two nude women on his bed.

One woman was blonde and was straddling him while the other woman who sat on the edge of his bed looked Asian with dark hair and dark eyes. The blonde woman grasped the back of Peter’s head with both her hands and pulled him forcefully into her left breast. He experienced a second where his consciousness, awareness, or perhaps his astral body moved before his physical body. He could see a wispy outline of himself and the strange woman through it.

Then Peter’s physical body caught up. Being prone to claustrophobia, made Peter very uncomfortable, and he began to struggle but found the strength of this woman nearly impossible to oppose. Peter is a large and strong man with experience in several martial arts, but he found himself overpowered by this stranger.

In a panic, Peter bit down slightly on the woman’s skin which allowed him to push her away. He then felt something in his mouth, perhaps the woman’s skin? The object in Peter’s mouth then hit the back of his throat and began to burn like acid which caused him to begin coughing uncontrollably. Peter sensed the two women communicating with each other and “heard” them say, “Something is wrong, he did something wrong … this isn’t like last time.”

During another coughing fit, Peter briefly bent over to forcefully cough and when he sat back up the two women were gone.

To stop his coughing and the burning in his throat, Peter went to the kitchen and ate some bread then drank some water. This only seemed to make the burning worse, however. He went into the bathroom to use the toilet but found when began urinating, his penis burned as if it had been cut with a razor. While checking himself out to check for a wound, Peter found two hairs that looked like they were pressed deep in the skin of his penis. Peter removed the hairs and immediately sealed them in a plastic bag. He then marked the bag with the date and time and hid it in his filing cabinet while keeping the details of the incident to himself. How could he relate this tale to his wife?

Several weeks went by before Peter felt comfortable enough to share the story with his wife, who surprised him with her understanding and support. By this time, Peter had also befriended Australian researcher Bill Chalker but was still not comfortable sharing details of the hairs left behind by the strange women. He simply wasn’t ready for the answers to his questions.

Bill Chalker
UFO investigator Bill Chalker.

The Alien Hair

Several years went by before Peter brought the hairs to Bill for analysis. Once Peter trusted Bill as a friend and made peace with what answers may come, he handed them to Bill who forwarded them to a lab for DNA testing.

The results were shocking. Not only did the blonde hairs come back as a rare type of Mongolian Asian DNA, but the root of the hair had a different DNA profile than the shaft of the hair. This does not naturally occur in humans, but there was more. The tests were repeated to ensure the accuracy of the results and the secondary results were consistent with the first.

The lab, led by Dr. Horace Drew also ran CCR-5 tests on the DNA and found that these individuals showed signs of immunity to things like smallpox and AIDS. The results of the testing showed signs of possible gene editing or cloning techniques according to the scientists who worked on this case.

Peter continues to help others who experience abductions by sharing his experience and letting others know they are not alone in their struggle to deal with events like his. Bill Chalker continues to research the phenomena and has written several books including, Hair of the Alien DNA and Other Forensic Evidence of Alien Abductions which further detail the events of Peter’s story.

Special thanks to Erica Lukes for providing a lot of the information contained within this article from her interview with Peter himself. Click here to watch that interview.

For more analysis on the Peter Khoury case, listen to The Bunker podcast episode that covers it. And if you have anything that you’d like to add to this story, please contact Michael directly at The Bunker or tweet him @inthebunkercast.