Men in Black in hotel lobby.

MIB Caught On Video Surveillance

Thanks to everyone who tuned in to listen to my interview on the Midnight in the Desert radio broadcast.

Here is a link to the video (along with original audio testimony) regarding the Men in Black caught on surveillance cameras back in 2009 that I referenced on the show…

Kudos to Marsha Barnhart from API for supplying me with key information to set the record straight on this incredible encounter. She was a great resource in helping me uncover additional info regarding this case.

But the case is not just a simple MIB one. It is truly a strange event that has many different components to it.

From aspects of a genuine haunting to two different UFO sightings, it’s a prime example of how different avenues of Fortean research crossover and overlap. Surprisingly, these Men in Black type beings showing up on the scene happened to occur at the very trail end of the witness’ overall experience—about seven months later.

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