Silhouette on the wall of a man walking.

From MIA at MSS to MIB at the BPE

Last year I did a presentation for the 2019 Mysteries of Space and Sky (MSS) conference in Gambrills, Maryland. It was organized by the gracious Dr. Peter Resta who holds these events each and every year. Although last year he wasn’t sure he was going to have one. After a little visit from “the MIB”…(or rather that Man Is Bamforth) he changed his mind.

Also at the conference was Anthony C. Hayes, a reporter for the Baltimore Post-Examiner. Much to my surprise, he was interested in learning more about the real Men in Black phenomenon as well as doing a story on it, so we arranged for an interview. I was quite impressed by the questions Mr. Hayes asked and I am pleased with how the article turned out.

Read the full interview here.

However, I warned Mr. Hayes not to blame me should his article attract any knocks at his door from actual MIB. Or that it leads to any sort of Mary Hyre type of situation for him.

Now I also did the story in the hopes that bring awareness to more people in the Maryland area, which has its own fair share of otherworldly events. Perhaps it might encourage others to come forward with their own encounters, not only with MIB per se but with strange individuals in general that creep up time and again in high strangeness incidents.

Have you had such an encounter? I’d love to hear your story.

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