UFO over Denton, Texas

UFO Over Denton, TX

An incredible UFO was filmed recently over Denton, TX. The eyewitness, Brad Bunt, originally posted that video, picked up by another more popular YouTube channel later on. Recently, I learned that The Sun also picked up the story, but left out a lot of crucial details surrounding it.

Fortunately, I had the privilege of speaking with Mr. Bunt by phone on July 19, and he shared with me the more extensive account involving his incredible sighting. For those of you who haven’t seen the footage yet, I encourage you to check it out as it is remarkable.

Watch the video Brad Bunt filmed with his phone.

The Sighting

On the evening of June 24, 2020, at approximately 9:50 pm CT, Brad was out for his nightly walk in the neighborhood of Denton, TX (just north of Dallas-Fort Worth), when he noticed an unusually bright object in the sky.

Thinking it was just an aircraft from Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) airport, he didn’t pay much attention to it. He told me that from that part of town, you could see planes coming in for a landing. So, when they get close to the runway, their headlights appear quite bright and visible.

The first thought Brad had at that point was sadness given that there aren’t as many planes coming into the airport due to the COVID-19 crisis. With fewer people outside, he didn’t notice anybody else in the vicinity of his sighting either. He kept walking down the road when about thirty seconds later, the same light zipped over several miles to the northeast, towards Aubrey, TX. Then it started quickly falling to the ground from a high altitude in a diagonal trajectory.

As he waited for the sound of the explosion from this object to hit the ground, it never did. Instead, it shot back up into the sky and towards the town of Little Elm in the east.

At this point, Brad knew this was no ordinary object based on those sudden maneuvers and velocity. So, he reached down to film the object on his brand new Samsung S20 to discover that his phone was not on him at the time.

When I asked him if he always carries his phone for his nightly walks, Brad explained that he still does for safety or if his wife calls him. Yet, in this instance and much to his amazement, he did not have his phone on him. He finds this to be quite odd, considering that 99% of the time, he has his phone with him whenever he leaves the house.

This behavior seems to be in line with the “acting out of character” dilemma that I noticed most eyewitnesses to strange phenomena tend to exhibit. Yet much to my amazement, this angle seems to be overlooked by other investigators.

So, Brad ran back to his apartment to grab his phone and film the object that you can see in his video—which happens to be the tail end of the sighting. At that point, the unidentified object had crossed over I-35E across from the Cinemark 14 movie theater parking lot.

The total time of the sighting from the moment he initially observed it to when he grabbed his camera was about five minutes in its entirety. The object was also completely silent.

At one point in the video, you can hear Brad’s voice describe where the object would go next because he had already seen it do the same maneuvers earlier on. After he filmed the object, he immediately called his wife to share the experience with her. He stayed outside until at least midnight waiting for it to return—although it never made a second showing.

The next day after the excitement had subsided (and thoroughly interfered with his sleep), he posted the video to YouTube. It took a few attempts until the video uploaded successfully, but Brad admits that it could have just been because he was unfamiliar with the process at the time.

Apart from a few other UFO enthusiasts contacting him, no one else stepped forward to say that they too saw the same thing. If you were there in Denton that same night and saw the same object, please contact me.

After the Sighting

Two days following the sighting, both Brad and his wife left for Florida on a planned ten-day vacation. Yet after checking into their hotel room, Brad noticed a persistent electronic beep that occurred once every thirty seconds all night long.

A call to the front desk sent up some workers at around midnight to investigate the source, but they never fully fixed the issue as the beeping resumed the following day. Brad said it took the staff about three times over two or three days to fix whatever was causing it.

My initial instinct is to think that this beeping was nothing more than the batteries of a smoke detector that needed replacing. But you would think that after the first attempt, the staff would have been able to perform a simple battery swap. Unless, of course, it was a faulty detector, which might have taken a little longer to fix. Although it still seems like it took a lot more effort to fix what would have otherwise been a simple swap and replace.

I don’t work in hotels, so maybe that’s just how it goes with these types of issues.

However, another thing worth mentioning is that also during his vacation, Brad began to receive calls from random numbers to his cell phone. That interested me, given my fascination with the phone as an underreported tool for strangeness “powers at be.”

Naturally, he ignored them, though, since they never left a message—the typical sign of a scam. However, curiosity did get the best of him on one occasion as he phoned one of the numbers back. But of course, they never answered.

Perhaps what’s most troubling, however, is that the calls occurred just about every hour but only for a few days while he was in Florida. Most of the calls had a 903 area code attributed to them (which is, in fact, northeast TX), but some of the calls had also come from places like Kentucky.

There could be nothing to the electronic beeps or the phone calls, but I bring them up anyway, just on the off chance that they connect in some manner. Or, more importantly, if the same thing ever happened to you following your UFO sighting. If so, contact me.

Ironically enough, in the weeks following our discussion, I too began to receive an increase in calls from unknown numbers with the majority of them coming from a 786 area code. That happens to be Miami, FL.

Fortunately, Brad had stayed in Orlando. So, I think I blame telemarketers instead of the forces of synchronicity on this one. 😉

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