The Sixth Observable of UAP

When Luis “Lue” Elizondo worked for the AATIP program, he outlined five observables, which he noted as commonly associated with UFOs or UAP (unidentified aerial phenomena). But there is also a little known, sixth observable that Elizondo seldom mentions and his old team was more than reluctant to talk about.

The five basics include:

  • Anti-Gravity Lift
    • Or the ability to overcome the earth’s gravity with no visible means of propulsion. These objects also lack any flight surfaces on them, such as conventional wings.
  • Sudden and Instantaneous Acceleration
    • These objects can accelerate or change direction on a dime with a g-force that would generally crush a human pilot.
  • Hypersonic Velocities without Signatures
    • Conventional aircraft typically leave vapor trails or sonic booms when traveling faster than the speed of sound, but these objects do not.
  • Low Observability or Cloaking
    • The objects may be visible to the naked eye but are sometimes undetected through radar or other means. They can also blink in and out of view and sometimes even appear to alter their shape.
  • Trans-Medium Travel
    • Contrary to popular belief that these objects only fly in the earth’s atmosphere, they can also move quickly in and out of different environments, including outer space and water bodies.

And, the sixth observable—biological effects brought on by the phenomenon.

Six burning matches with two unlit.
Image by moritz320 from Pixabay.

According to The New Republic, this sixth observable involved potential changes to the body and brain due to close encounters with these objects. More disturbingly, there was also a link to paranormal experiences. According to Elizondo, this latter aspect was something that another AATIP member dealt with after one particular mission. It involved books flying off shelves in a poltergeist-like experience so severe that police were called in to investigate.

Wouldn’t it be great to get our hands on that police report? Of course, we don’t have anything else to go off since most of the AATIP program details are still under lock and key. But according to Elizondo, there was an issue with AATIP service members to eventually qualify for service-connected disabilities based on things like demonic possession, poltergeist inhabitation, or spontaneous close-encounter telekinesis.

It brings to mind what John Burroughs dealt with to get treatment relating to whatever he encountered in the Rendlesham Forest during the infamous Bentwaters UFO case. That incident involved several military personnel who had close encounters with craft in the area on several nights in December of 1980.

The paranormal connection also reminds me of the Men in Black (MIB) case in Niagara Falls that I chronicled in my book, The Spectrum. The witness at the heart of the incident also experienced paranormal occurrences break out at his home following two black triangle sightings in the autumn of 2008. Some of those experiences involved poltergeist-like activity and even an apparent ghostly apparition that he interacted with in his neighborhood. But the MIB aspect took place several months after these events on Mother’s Day of the following year.

From personal experience, I can tell you that spooky side effects can and do occur from time to time following a paranormal investigation. Still, it is somewhat dependent on the mindset going into a case and the spiritual rituals coming out of it.

Dirty attic.
Photo by Max Nüstedt on Unsplash

I’ve likened the supernatural after-effects to a “psychical residue” of sorts that can cling to oneself. Picture going through a dirty attic in the dark. You may be unaware that there could be cobwebs, dust, and debris that stick to you as you pass through it. Yet it’s not until you leave such a dirty environment or go into one that has more light that you begin to see all of that residue on your clothes. I suspect that the same can also happen on a metaphysical level if we are not careful.

In brief conversations on the subject I’ve had with retired Col. John Alexander (who happened to be one of the first people ever to spend the night at Skinwalker Ranch), his group used the term “hitchhiker” to refer to this notion.

For those who do not have a strong spiritual background to balance oneself with, dealing with negative energies or entities can always open oneself up to trouble. However, according to Elizondo, it’s that negative connotation of being in league with the devil for merely researching the phenomenon is one of the reasons he walked away from the AATIP program altogether.

Although I, too, consider myself a Christian, I do not think that all of the forces we’re dealing with are demonic. We must be cautious not to simplify this into a black-and-white issue, for it certainly does not appear as such. The phenomenon could also be neutral in that it does what it wants to do, regardless of how we view it. It could have its own agendas and reasons that we, as humans, will just never fully understand because we’re simply not meant to.

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