Silhouette of a person standing near a window.

The Subtleties of Paranormal Experiences

Strange experiences happen when we least expect them to happen.

I’ve asked my mother to contribute an article detailing her apparition sighting. I remember hearing about it shortly after, encouraging her to draw a simple sketch of what she saw. Those who know me know that I encourage anyone with a remarkable encounter to record it as soon as possible. That way, you can be sure of the details later on since memories are fallible and tend to fade over time. But I thought this story would be good to share with you since not only did the experience leave a lasting impression on her, but it also highlights the subtlety of such experiences when they occur.



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MY ENCOUNTER – Oct. 27, 2021

By Margie G.
Contributor to Normal Paranormal

6:45 am—alarm goes off. My day begins with a cup of coffee and taking a moment to listen to the news, then on to getting ready to go to work. Yes, work, my job. I clean homes which I have been doing for close to 30 years now. At one point, I had between 15–20 homes a month when I first began. Yes, it was busy, and yet it gave me a reason to get up and move my aging bones. Now, I have only about five, which are faithful to me, and I appreciate each and every one of them.

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This is where my story begins, at a client’s home in the quiet suburbs. I had no idea it would end up being something I would never forget. Now when I mean “quiet suburbs,” picture a house surrounded by trees and more trees—tranquility. After entering the home and greeting their little dog, I collected all the equipment I would need to begin my day—dusting spray, Mr. Clean, liquid detergent—all the same stuff you use to clean your home.

I was moving along normally, cleaning and working while both residents who live at home and work at home remained. For them, it is wonderful. For a cleaner, it’s challenging as you can’t vacuum when they are on a Zoom call. So, you need to be able to quietly move around to not disturb them.

Woman cleaning a window with a sponge and protective gear.
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I had been there for about an hour and a half and just finished cleaning one of the TV rooms. The family had a couple of rooms that had televisions, and each room had a window or two looking out towards the driveway and the entrance of the home. Their dog had a habit of jumping up on a couch, barking, and plastering its nose on a window, especially when UPS or Amazon came calling. Yup, one of my tasks is to leave the windows clean and free of little nose prints.

I had just completed removing the nose prints and was on to the powder room. As I came out of the powder room to get something I needed, I saw through the window where I had just removed the nose prints, a man who walked from my left towards the front door. The homeowners have deliveries often, and sometimes when deliveries come, I would open the door and bring packages inside.

Silhouette of a person standing near a window.
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As I had seen him move towards the main door, I quickly moved to collect any packages, but when I opened the door for the man—there was no man. I stepped out, looked both ways, and walked to my right, thinking he had gone to see if there was a continuation of the front porch. But there was no continuation of the porch. I went inside and spoke with the homeowner and told her my story. I also noted her little dog had not made a noise notifying us of a delivery, which was unusual.

The female homeowner looked at me and smiled, “Yes, we have had a man seen here several times.” She told me about her son seeing a person in his bedroom when he was little and was frightened; thus, they changed him to another room in the house. I explained all that I saw and what I did. She requested that her husband not be informed of what I saw since he does not believe in the paranormal.

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After talking with her, I wanted to do some further investigation.

The man’s head and shoulders seemed close to and above the window ledge; therefore, I moved to face the window from the outside. There was no way a person could have walked in front of the window as an outdoor couch was pushed up against the building. What was going on? No one could have been that close to the window; no way!

I stood and went over and over in my mind what had happened.  When I got home, I sat and drew a picture of what I remembered seeing. Please note, in my excitement and being in such a rush, I was a little off with the direction of how the front door opened and closed and immediately corrected it on my drawing, which I have included…

Hand drawn sketch detailing the floor plan where the experience took place.
My actual sketch of the experience.

Yes, I was fortunate to be a part of a “visitation,” but by whom, I will never know. I was grateful it chose me to appear, and I thanked him under my breath for giving me another paranormal experience.

They do exist.

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