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A Survey of Strange Phone Calls

Are you an experiencer who received a strange phone call? Recently, the host of Deb’s Data Dojo surveyed her Twitter followers, asking them if they ever received strange phone calls. 54 people voted on one of four choices. The results were as follows…

5 people chose “Non-Human/ET ‘others'”
5 people chose “Government/MIB”
18 people chose “Unknown but strange”
26 people chose “Just noise”

Now the fact that anyone received anything remotely strange over the phone piques my curiosity. After covering the Gary Sudbrink case for quite some time, I’ve always wondered if this phenomenon might be more widespread than I initially thought. If something to that extent happened to just one person, I would imagine there is a greater likelihood it has also happened to others.

Some of the individual responses to Deb’s survey were also very interesting…

Yes. In 2008 I had a string of strange phone calls from numbers w/ a bunch of 0000 in the codecs. I didn't have my hands on anything fancy back then. Sometimes I would hear static. One time it was a robotic voice on the other line telling me to "mind your own business."
Before that I had attended a conference. Project Camelot was hosting in Burbank. I met someone there, had a long conversation w/ them about their troubling experiences. Talked on the phone w/ them a couple of times. & then I started getting strange phone calls.
I never got strange calls from my own strange experiences w/ strange phenomena. But as soon as I started talking to another person who had a very strange background, over the phone, that's when I started getting strange phone calls w/ the 0s. Probably the same week.
I got a call from a number that was all zeroes shortly after my experience but I didn’t answer and it never happened again
frequently getting calls but never answering them

But who does one go to after experiencing such a thing?

If you have a UFO sighting, people often report it to MUFON, NUFORC, or API. For a paranormal encounter, they seek the counsel of their local ghost group or perhaps a church leader if it’s something of a more sinister nature.

But for strange phone calls?

Well, it would seem that no formal group deals with strange calls (apart from the FTC and those annoying telemarketers). But you’ll always have me. I’m happy to listen to any peculiar interaction you’ve received or experiences you’ve dealt with that cannot be easily categorized or neatly packaged into a metaphorical box. Or, if you prefer, an ecto-containment unit.

One Ghostbuster observes as another opens an ecto-containment unit.

Have you had a strange experience? Send me a message.

Listen to the conversation I had with Deb’s Data Dojo on all things high strangeness.

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