A ghostly apparition appears behind a paranormal investigator.

Paranormal Investigation Ghost Photos

I recently interviewed paranormal investigators Beth O’Brien and Michael Brown on my Terra Signals podcast. In part one of our conversations, we reviewed some of their best audio evidence, known as EVP (electronic voice phenomenon).

During the second part, we looked at a series of ghost photos they captured during their investigations into Fort Mifflin and an abandoned summer camp in New Jersey.

Click the read more link or scroll down to see these interesting images for yourself. To learn more about how they were acquired, listen to my podcast Terra Signals, or watch the full video interview on YouTube.

Fort Mifflin (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

The following two pictures were taken moments apart during one of Beth and Mike’s investigations of Fort Mifflin in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The first photo shows a few investigators huddled on either side of the enclosing wall. A green light, presumably a K-II meter, is in the middle of the floor. A laser grid was set up on a tripod in the middle of the doorway, casting its beam outside the room. Next to the tripod is a small barrel.

In the second image, a seemingly wispy shadow figure emerges just to the left of the barrel (photo left-center). Beth and Michael stated that this was not one of their investigators. You can see those investigators huddled against the walls in the first image. Standing to the photo’s right side is another investigator’s rather unmistakable silhouette.

Abandoned Summer Camp (New Jersey)

Beth and Mike also supplied the following four photographs, taken moments apart during one of their investigations of an abandoned summer camp in New Jersey.

Standing in the center of the shots is a member of their investigative team, clearly illuminated by the light source in the foreground. One of the building’s board of directors stands just off to the side (photo right), but it’s hard to see her in the darkness.

Lurking behind the investigator and towards the left center of the photos is where this ghostly figure seems to emerge.

Beth and Michael informed me that the part of the room where the apparition emerged was filled with dangerous debris and sharp mechanical parts, which would have prevented someone from being back there in the first place.

It is worth noting that just before these photos were taken, the investigator felt a strong presence near her, which prompted the camera to be pointed in her direction by Michael.

Enlargement of the fourth image so you can make out better detail in the face. Again, the figure standing at the far right side of the photo is NOT the apparition. The apparition is standing in the shot’s background, towards the image’s left-center area.

The inset is a photo of the late caretaker, Bill, that was hung inside the building. The investigative team was trying to contact him since he passed away recently. The board of directors believes that this ghostly image strongly resembles Bill.

The following images of photos one through three have been enhanced to see where the board member was in the room (photo right). What I find interesting is that the board member is looking off in the general direction of the investigator as this is happening. According to Beth and Michael, the board member began speaking to Bill as if he was there and provided instructions that only he would have understood.

UPDATE: After recording this interview, I followed up with Michael to review the original files and clarify something with them. When he sent over the batch of photos, I was surprised to discover that there was a FIFTH image with the apparition that had been completely overlooked! This fifth image had a filename consistent with being at the beginning of a sequence of shots, which would imply that it was the very first photo he took immediately after the investigator sensed a presence in the room. Perhaps “Bill” was observing all along, even before they knew it. Here is the previously unaccounted-for fifth image…

To learn more about these images and how they were acquired, listen to my podcast Terra Signals or watch the full video interview on YouTube.