Spontaneous Human Combustion

Larry E. Arnold is the world’s foremost researcher of spontaneous human combustion (SHC). Or, as he now refers to it—sudden human cremation. Larry founded ParaScience International and wrote the book on this, titled Ablaze: The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion.

In the latest episode of my Terra Signals podcast, I chat with Larry about his latest research into SHC and what it could all mean. Listen to the episode on Terra Signals or subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts.

Meanwhile, you can see some haunting examples he presented during our discussion by clicking the “read more” link or by scrolling down. But I warn you… the subject of SHC is rather unsettling and may be disturbing to some of you. So, please view the following images at your discretion.

Spontaneous Human Combustion. An interview with Larry Arnold. Listen to the conversation exclusively on Terra Signals.

The Case of Mary Reeser

Investigators shoveling the remains of Mary Reeser.
Besides a pile of ash, this was what was left of Mary Reeser’s body.
A slide from Arnold’s presentation featuring William M. Krogman, Ph.D. (anthropology), who studied the Reeser case.

The Case of John Bentley

What was found at the scene of John Bentley’s sudden demise.
A slide from Arnold’s presentation and what was left of John Bentley. The “hoax” quote is the sentiment often echoed by debunkers.

The Case of Helen Conway

All that was left of Helen Conway.

The Case of George Mott

George Mott’s house where his body was found.
Inside the living room of George Mott’s house.
Arrows indicate the only remaining body parts left of George Mott’s body (his toes and part of his leg).
Various objects found near George Mott’s body. The handle of a fly swatter, a melted thermometer with mercury inside that hadn’t ruptured or reached above 130F, and a melted plastic tissue box with the tissues inside completely intact.

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