Project Blue Book History Channel Series

The “Project Blue Book” TV Series

Check out the trailer for History’s new TV series “Project Blue Book” and tell me you don’t excited…

History’s new “Project Blue Book” TV series trailer for Comic-Con.


I think this might satisfy my craving for a little…at least until “The X-Files” returns. Eventually. Sometime. Hopefully.

History’s “Project Blue Book” is set to premiere tonight. It’s based on the work of J. Allen Hynek—a very real scientist turned UFO researcher who studied the phenomenon for the Air Force back in the 1950-60s. But, I think History’s real interest in the topic was kickstarted by a book released in 2017 by Mark O’Connell called “The Close Encounters Man,” which dives into Hynek’s life more in-depth.

Still, it’s great to see the story being told to a new audience now who might be unfamiliar with the research of Hynek. Or the story behind the real Project Blue Book.

Let’s just hope this depiction isn’t too far of a stretch from the truth. After all, the real story behind it is certainly a lot stranger.

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