Stonehenge apartment building in North Bergen NJ.

The Stonehenge Incidents

By Michael Brown
Contributor to Normal Paranormal

The “Stonehenge incidents” were a group of UFO sightings that took place in and around the Stonehenge apartment building in January 1975 in North Hudson Park, located in North Bergen, New Jersey.

Strange lights in the sky, as well as a structured craft, were seen by multiple witnesses, the most notable being George O’Barski. George reported seeing a round craft approximately six feet tall and ringed with rectangular windows, which emitted multiple colored lights and made a low droning sound that he likened to a refrigerator starting up.

O’Barski observed the craft land in the park adjacent to the baseball field as nine to eleven small figures exited the craft. The figures were about three and a half feet tall in size. O’Barski thought the figures were simply children that wore helmets, gloves, and a dark-colored uniform. But each of the figures carried a small bag and a spoon or shovel that they used to collect soil samples from the park in the area where the craft had landed.

After several minutes, a ramp opened up below the craft and the small figures used this to re-enter it. The craft then took off heading north towards the park’s lake area.

Eventually, O’Barski reported this to artist and UFO investigator Budd Hopkins who opened an investigation into the incident. Hopkins, along with Ted Bloecher and Jerry Stoehrer, interviewed several witnesses who also saw strange objects in this area, but most of whom did not wish to be identified by name. Yet it was obvious to the investigators that there were a lot more sightings of strange craft in this particular area of New Jersey.

Out of all of these additional reports, one stands out and seems to corroborate the report of George O’Barksi.

William Pawlowski, working as a doorman at the Stonehenge apartment building, also witnessed a row of lights in the park adjacent to the same baseball field. Pawlowski described these lights as too bright to look directly at. He also observed a dark object in the center of the lights but the extreme brightness made it difficult to make out what that specific object looked like.

At first, Pawlowski thought it was merely a row of cars in the park but soon realized the lights were about ten feet off the ground. A window in the front of the apartment building shattered as the lights left the area. Thinking the window was broken by vandals, he immediately called the police who investigated the scene but found absolutely no evidence of vandalism.

The following morning, Pawlowski noticed that a large elm tree near the park was split in half but admitted that he wasn’t sure if it was connected to the lights he saw.

The date and time of this particular sighting match O’Barski’s report.

The Bunker recently traveled to North Hudson Park and experienced some strange things first-hand. It is my goal with this article and the first episode of the podcast that we can begin to reexamine this case, as well as document any more recent events of high strangeness that are still taking place there today.

If you’ve experienced anything out of the ordinary in this particular area, please email me directly at The Bunker or tweet me @inthebunkercast. And, be sure to listen to episode one of the podcast to hear more about this incident and what took place when I went out there!

Lake near the Stonehenge apartment building and North Hudson Park in North Bergen NJ.