Faint Transmissions from an Invisible Radio

Have you ever heard faint transmissions from an invisible radio? You’re not alone.

As I was listening to The Skinwalker Debrief podcast, Thomas Winterton, the ranch superintendent, mentioned something very striking. The same thing occurred to him—inexplicable, faint transmissions from an invisible radio. Winterton brought up his experience (beginning at 36:39) while working on the ranch overnight. He described it as what sounded like a faint radio playing but with no clear source.

At 38:10 into the interview, co-host TJ Allard, and producer of HISTORY’s Secrets of Skinwalker Ranch, related his own experience with the same phenomenon back on the east coast after he returned from filming.

When they were asked to elaborate on what type of music they heard, Winterton described it as like hearing a neighbor’s radio off in the distance but couldn’t quite make out what exactly was being played. Allard agreed that this was precisely how he would describe it too. At 39:35, Winterton went on to further describe how there have been additional moments where both he and others were woken up at the same time to this invisible radio.

The descriptions of this phenomenon reminded me of times where both my brother and I heard the same thing when we were younger. We would be sitting in the living room or in our bedroom, and at random intervals, the sound of some faint radio transmission could be heard right next to us. I do not recall there ever being any electronic devices on when we heard them either. It just usually happened in otherwise quiet moments.

These experiences were not very frequent, but they occurred on just on a handful of occasions. Yet it was certainly enough to catch our attention and make us wonder where it was coming from. I remember trying desperately to decipher what was being said, yet I couldn’t. That was perhaps the most frustrating part of the whole thing.

The transmission didn’t sound like music, but rather like one or two people talking. The volume was so low we couldn’t quite make out any words, just chatter. I recall it having that same fuzziness similar to an AM or FM radio set to a weak station. The event wouldn’t last very long, maybe a few minutes at most before it would just fade out. We could never figure out what it was, but we never forgot it either.

Now could this merely be the acoustics of a room bouncing off of things to produce the effect? Maybe. I just found it interesting to hear some others talk about it, especially in an area like Skinwalker Ranch, where strange events are commonplace.

Are these faint transmissions more common than we realize? I’d love to hear how many of you have encountered the same thing. Click here to send me a message.

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