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    Spontaneous Human Combustion

    Larry E. Arnold is the world’s foremost researcher of spontaneous human combustion (SHC). Or, as he now refers to it—sudden human cremation. Larry founded ParaScience International and wrote the book on this, titled Ablaze: The Mysterious Fires of Spontaneous Human Combustion.

    In the latest episode of my Terra Signals podcast, I chat with Larry about his latest research into SHC and what it could all mean. Listen to the episode on Terra Signals or subscribe to the show wherever you get your podcasts.

    Meanwhile, you can see some haunting examples he presented during our discussion by clicking the “read more” link or by scrolling down. But I warn you… the subject of SHC is rather unsettling and may be disturbing to some of you. So, please view the following images at your discretion.

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    A Survey of Strange Phone Calls

    Are you an experiencer who received a strange phone call? Recently, the host of Deb’s Data Dojo surveyed her Twitter followers, asking them if they ever received strange phone calls. 54 people voted on one of four choices. The results were as follows…

    5 people chose “Non-Human/ET ‘others'”
    5 people chose “Government/MIB”
    18 people chose “Unknown but strange”
    26 people chose “Just noise”

    Now the fact that anyone received anything remotely strange over the phone piques my curiosity. After covering the Gary Sudbrink case for quite some time, I’ve always wondered if this phenomenon might be more widespread than I initially thought. If something to that extent happened to just one person, I would imagine there is a greater likelihood it has also happened to others.

    Some of the individual responses to Deb’s survey were also very interesting…

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    Faint Transmissions from an Invisible Radio

    Have you ever heard faint transmissions from an invisible radio? You’re not alone.

    As I was listening to The Skinwalker Debrief podcast, Thomas Winterton, the ranch superintendent, mentioned something very striking. The same thing occurred to him—inexplicable, faint transmissions from an invisible radio. Winterton brought up his experience (beginning at 36:39) while working on the ranch overnight. He described it as what sounded like a faint radio playing but with no clear source.

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    Transmissions from The Bunker Podcast

    Recently, I had the privilege to return to my favorite paranormal podcast, The Bunker. Host Michael Brown and I talked about those mischievous “Men in Black” (MIB) and other related topics that I’ve done research in for The Spectrum and beyond.

    Click here to listen to my interview with The Bunker.

    During our conversation, I touched on aspects of the “trickster” element, which is quite apparent in these phenomena. But this trickster notion seems to also carry some control of and/or interference with one’s own thoughts and actions. And, that could have affected Michael while he was working on this episode too.

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    Creepy Calls from a Strange Entity

    The telephone seems to be a popular device to high strangeness. I’ve heard reports of conversations with the dead to correspondences with life forms from another time, or even another dimension. Telemarketing tactics aside, there are quite a few reports of these creepy calls, which might suggest that something out there is attempting to use our telecommunication systems to make contact with us.

    And, one of those examples is found in the peculiar case of Gary Sudbrink.

    In 1993, Gary was an Air Force captain assigned to medical pharmacy work in San Antonio, TX. In February of that same year, he planned an unannounced, surprise trip to visit friends and family in Long Island, NY.

    Even though he didn’t tell anyone about his trip prior to departure, it seems that someone or something else already knew…

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    MIB Caught On Video Surveillance

    Thanks to everyone who tuned in to listen to my interview on the Midnight in the Desert radio broadcast.

    Here is a link to the video (along with original audio testimony) regarding the Men in Black caught on surveillance cameras back in 2009 that I referenced on the show…

    Kudos to Marsha Barnhart from API for supplying me with key information to set the record straight on this incredible encounter. She was a great resource in helping me uncover additional info regarding this case.

    But the case is not just a simple MIB one. It is truly a strange event that has many different components to it.