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    In Pursuit of the REAL Men in Black

    I returned to the Mysteries of Space and Sky conference in November 2022 to give another presentation on my latest research into the real Men in Black.

    “Back to Black: In Pursuit of the MIB (and other Non-Human Entities” is the title of the talk that I delivered that day to an audience in Gambrills, Maryland. And for those who missed it, you can now watch it on YouTube.

    Have you ever met with MIB or had an otherwise strange experience involving strange individuals? If so, let’s chat!

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    The Blondes, the Ghosts, the MIB, and Me

    Recently, I sat down for a “fireside chat” with Sara and Deedee from Paranormally Blonde to talk about all things high strangeness, including ghosts, UFOs, MIB, and more. Watch my video interview with them here…

    What is interesting about this interview is one of the viewer comments at the very start of the show. Taryn Kerper, the host of The Paranormal Brew, wrote that after her last interview with me, she saw something that looked like an entity straight out of the show American Horror Story.

    Afterward, I reached out to Taryn to get more details on what she encountered. Here is what she wrote to me…

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    A Survey of Strange Phone Calls

    Are you an experiencer who received a strange phone call? Recently, the host of Deb’s Data Dojo surveyed her Twitter followers, asking them if they ever received strange phone calls. 54 people voted on one of four choices. The results were as follows…

    5 people chose “Non-Human/ET ‘others'”
    5 people chose “Government/MIB”
    18 people chose “Unknown but strange”
    26 people chose “Just noise”

    Now the fact that anyone received anything remotely strange over the phone piques my curiosity. After covering the Gary Sudbrink case for quite some time, I’ve always wondered if this phenomenon might be more widespread than I initially thought. If something to that extent happened to just one person, I would imagine there is a greater likelihood it has also happened to others.

    Some of the individual responses to Deb’s survey were also very interesting…

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    The Subtleties of Paranormal Experiences

    Strange experiences happen when we least expect them to happen.

    I’ve asked my mother to contribute an article detailing her apparition sighting. I remember hearing about it shortly after, encouraging her to draw a simple sketch of what she saw. Those who know me know that I encourage anyone with a remarkable encounter to record it as soon as possible. That way, you can be sure of the details later on since memories are fallible and tend to fade over time. But I thought this story would be good to share with you since not only did the experience leave a lasting impression on her, but it also highlights the subtlety of such experiences when they occur.



    A pink curtain.
    Photo by sumingliu youyou on Unsplash

    MY ENCOUNTER – Oct. 27, 2021

    By Margie G.
    Contributor to Normal Paranormal

    6:45 am—alarm goes off. My day begins with a cup of coffee and taking a moment to listen to the news, then on to getting ready to go to work. Yes, work, my job. I clean homes which I have been doing for close to 30 years now. At one point, I had between 15–20 homes a month when I first began. Yes, it was busy, and yet it gave me a reason to get up and move my aging bones. Now, I have only about five, which are faithful to me, and I appreciate each and every one of them.

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    Moving the Haunted Annabelle Doll

    Never, ever move the haunted Annabelle doll out of her glass case. Or, as it is written more explicitly on the sign beneath her: WARNING. POSITIVELY DO NOT OPEN.

    This sign echoed the sentiments of the late Ed and Lorraine Warren. They cautioned people never to underestimate the evil power that such an innocent-looking Raggedy Ann doll could wield. There it remained for decades, entombed in its clear coffin and housed within the Warren occult museum after being confiscated from two young nurses in the 1970s. Or at least the story goes.

    Even today, some people have reported strange experiences after meeting the doll first-hand.

    Scrolling through my YouTube subscriptions, I came across a video courtesy of Tony Spera of the New England Society for Psychic Research (NESPR). It was titled “Moving the Annabelle Doll.”

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    The Third Man Factor

    The phenomenon known as “the third man factor” is truly remarkable. And its bizarre occurrence seems to parallel what my good friend Maxim W. Furek chronicled in his book Sheppton: The Myth, Miracle & Music. After I passed this along to him, he was inspired to dive deeper and write something that I think you will find just as fascinating. –Justin

    Person standing in front of trees in a foggy environment.
    Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

    Davey Fellin and The Third Man Factor

    By Maxim W. Furek
    Contributor to Normal Paranormal

    In 1963, the entire world was gripped by the human drama unfolding in a  remote Pennsylvania coal mine.

    After being rescued from the Sheppton mine, Davey Fellin testified that Pope John XXIII was with him and Hank Throne during their two-week ordeal. But what the miners saw has been at the center of ongoing controversy. The Pope’s specter has been alternately described as both a miracle, as attested to by Vatican scholars, as well as a collective hallucination.

    But could there be other theories to explain the Pope’s ghostly visitation, and, if so, what might those look like?

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    The Peter Khoury Alien Abduction Case

    The Peter Khoury alien abduction case is one that was recently called to my attention by Michael Brown, host of The Bunker podcast. It follows some of those classic patterns in alien abductions that most outside of the field aren’t aware of. Things like instruments used on the back of the head to cause abductees to blackout. Or, hooded figures during some of the visits. Or, telepathic communication between entities and abductees. Or, bystanders in the immediate area that are “switched off.” Or, perhaps the more disturbing sexual nature of these encounters themselves. But there are other things in this case that aren’t so common, like DNA evidence which could help to add credibility to it. Either way, I think you will find this one both fascinating and creepy. –Justin

    Peter Khoury
    Peter Khoury

    Peter Khoury, strange beings, abduction, and the evidence they left behind.

    By Michael Brown
    Contributor to Normal Paranormal

    Peter Khoury was born in Iran in 1964 and began having strange experiences in the early 1970s in Lebanon. While playing with cousins and friends he had his first encounter; at least the first one he can remember.

    The children were playing outside when they decided to ascend to a rooftop they often played on. The exterior door to the roof was a large heavy metal door that was spring-loaded and would close on each person passing through the door. Frequenting this area to play, the children habitually knew to be ready to push open the door to pass through it but on this occasion, Peter noticed something different.

    He noticed several children ahead of him who passed through the door without it swinging back. The door instead, remained open which struck him as odd. As he passed through the door, however, matters became even stranger. Peter then noticed his friends and cousins were all frozen in place and not moving a muscle. His first thought was since he was the last to make it to the rooftop that he was the butt of a joke. He decided to return the favor and began tickling his friends to force them to snap out of their self-imposed stasis. No matter how vigorously he tickled and teased his friends they remained in place, not even moving their eyes.

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    TWA Flight 800: The Internet Age’s First Conspiracy

    By Maxim W. Furek
    Contributor to Normal Paranormal

    On July 17, 1996, Trans World Airlines flight 800 took off from New York’s Kennedy International Airport in the twilight dusk of sunset. The two-hundred and thirty people aboard were on their way to Paris, France.

    Flight 800 flew at a lower altitude than usual because of another approaching jet. After receiving clearance to climb to cruise altitude, the Boeing 747 jetliner leveled off at 13,700 feet above sea level. Then, twelve minutes after takeoff, the plane exploded without warning. Thousands of pounds of kerosene were dumped from the plane’s center, and wing tanks vaporized and ignited. An orange fireball burned along the coastline as sections of the 747 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, south of Long Island.

    Twenty-one passengers were from Montoursville, Pennsylvania, heading for a once-in-a-lifetime trip to The City of Light. Sixteen were members of the Montoursville Area High School French Club, accompanied by five chaperones. There were no survivors.